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What Your Daughter Isn’t Telling You


A Revealing Look at the Secret Reality of Your Teen Girl.

Product Description

Your daughter has questions; Be prepared with the answers.

How much do your really know about your daughter’s day-to-day life, what secrets she has about her friends, or what questions she’s too embarrassed or scared to ask you ? Fact: Her world is dramatically different from the one you grew up in. She has some tough questions. “What if I’m out in public when I get my first period ?” “How can I get my Mom and Dad to trust me ?” and “My friend put some embarrassing pictures of me online; how do I get them down ?” are the real concerns for young girls.

Your teen or preteen girl is at the age when she needs you the most, yet all too often she closes herself off. Don’t give her the opportunity¬†to look for answers or comfort elsewhere. She needs a Mom who will really listen. Teen experts Susie Shellenberger and Kathy Gowler arm you with answers to real – life questions from girls just like your daughter. Use this biblically sound advice to help keep communication open between you and your daughter, and feel confident that there isn’t anything she isn’t telling you.