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Got Teens ?


Time – Tested Answers For Moms of Teens and Tweens

Product Description

Got teens ? tweens ? Help is here. Jill Savage and Pam Farrel have raised teenagers, and now they provide practical and emotional support for all the roles of your challenging job.

There’s Mom as CFO: ” Should I pay for gas in her car ?” As launching Pad: “Do I let him go with his friends to the lake ?” As Shepherd: “Why is my good kid making bad choices ?” With the commonsense solutions and creative ideas in Got Teens ?  You’ll learn how to

Discover heart issues behind behavior problems

Discuss the guy-girl thing intelligently

Walk alongside a prodigal in pain

Equip your child with people skills and life skills

Impact your child spiritually

Proven tools such as the mom-group guides, Mompower Prayers, and ideas for creating a teen-relationship contract prepare you to give directions and demonstrate God’s love during your child’s formative years of transition to adulthood. This is the perfect guidebook for moms of kids from 12 to 22.