A very useful parenting course.  To realise that the sexuality talk with children does not end after a single session – Cindy & Alan

I feel more confident to handle conversation with my kids. I like the approach of using neutral language while explaining about sexuality.  It is not easy, remind me to practice.  I have received some very good ideas and examples how to speak with kids through the case studies – Lily & Brendon

This is a very good course and the trainer is highly engaging.  It helps me to understand the things that I need to teach my children in order to raise them up to their destiny as sons and daughters of our Most High King.  Highly recommended – Joyce & Wee Son

I thoroughly enjoyed all the sessions. This course has given me a wonderful and practical tool to help my children with their struggles.  It has also taken away a large part of my burden of not knowing what to do, say or response when my children have queries about themselves – Lay Wee & Kei Huat

This course has given me the courage to broach a sensitive topic with my kids which I have been avoiding. It has allowed me to bond with my daughter and set the stage for future conversations in this area – Veron

Course Objectives

  • Teach parents how to conduct a basic sexuality conversation with their kids
  • Provide parents with a biblical framework within which to guide their children in this all important area
  • Addresses the issues and challenges facing our children across different age groups

Course Materials

  • Reflections of Moral Innocence Audio CDs, DVDs and Workbook