Reaching Heart of Teens (Adolescent Way)

This course is often an entry point for other parenting courses. The course looks at the many factors that make living with a teenager a blessing or a curse. From a biblical perspective this brings hope to families challenged by the pressure of living with a teen. Practical steps are offered to rebuild and maintain family harmony and a love to last a life time.

Course Delivery: Reaching the Heart of Your Teens course has 8 sessions. Parents are invited to do this together maybe with their teen. The participants meet once a week to attend a hour teaching, and discuss the topics. Each couple receives a course manual and homework to complete.

Session 1: The Healthy Family Profile & At the Heart of Rebellion
What are the characteristics of healthy parent-teen relationships? There is a test to determine where you are in this journey. What can a parent do when a teen openly defies his/her parents? What are some helpful steps of correction for wilful defiance?

Session 2: The Power of Relationships & Starting again with Credibility
The various parenting theories that lead to teenage conflict are discussed. Parents are given practical steps to build, maintain, and strengthen their credibility in the eyes of their teens.

Session 3: The Five Love Languages – Do you know how to say, “I Love You” to your teen?

Session 4: From Authority to Influence & Principles of Moral Training
The first part of this session defines and discusses issues related to teenage identity. It also explains why teens in conflict seek an identity apart from the family and why teens in healthy families do not. Gary discusses the Moral Relational Approach to parenting teens and explains why it works.

Session 5: Communication
Healthy proactive communication is one of the best forms of adolescence encouragement. Good communication can prevent more conflicts than corrections can resolve. Learn in this session how to talk so your kids will listen and learn to listen so your kids will talk.

Session 6: Principles of Instruction & Discipline and Encouragement
How do we give our teens instructions that are clearly understood? Gary says, when giving instructions, be sure to say exactly what you mean and mean precisely what you say. Parents commonly violate this simple principle. Parents should allow for an appeal process. This session shows how to encourage healthy behaviour, teach personal responsibility and taking ownership of their own mistakes. It also teaches the difference between foolishness and teenishness.

Session 7: Corrective Side of Training
How can a parent determine which factors to consider and which corrective measures to use when evaluating teen’s disobedient actions. What are the three levels of correction? This session provides parents with principles of correction that will help them not only suppress evil, but elevate good.

Session 8: Dating, Courtship and Preparation for Marriage
This session contrasts the difference between the act of dating and courtship. It presents the three natural phases of courtship, as well provides some helpful guidelines for courtship relationships. Gary then has good advice on marriage and instructs parents on how to help their teen to be morally responsible