Purity Seminar


For parent to attend together with teens aged 11 to 15 years


Session 1— Blastoff!

• Watch Out for those traps!
• Priority of God’s Word
• Expectations for the seminar
• Rules
• Authorities in your life
• Memory Verses: Col 1:18, Ps 119:105
• Project: “Puzzled”

Session 2—Running with the Herd
• What is peer pressure?
• What’s so bad about giving in?
• How to avoid running with the herd
• What to look for in a good friend
• Memory Verses: 1 Cor 15:33-34a
• Project: “Dirty Water”

Session 3—Growing to Maturity
• Change is inevitable
• Bombarded by hormones
• Body changes
• Sexual intercourse
• What the Bible says about sex
• Relating to young men/women
• Memory Verses: 1 Cor 6:18-20
• Project: “Burned Up”

Session 4—Staying Pure
• How far should I go?
• Establishing boundaries
• Where God draws the line [beyond abstinence]
• How to keep your way pure
• Memory Verse: Song of Solomon 8:4
• Project: “Leaky Balloon”

Session 5—It’s a Date!
• Dating Questionnaire
• Seeing dating differently
• Your parents need to be involved
• Make up your mind [sharpening conviction]
• Memory Verses: Phi 2:3-4
• Project: “All Glued Up”

Parents will collect their complete box set of “Passport2Purity” at the Pre-Seminar Briefing. Parents need this box set to do some preparation work prior to the seminar. So it is crucial that parents attend the pre-seminar briefing. Please do not have teens with you at this briefing.