Parenting Young Infants (0 to 5 months)

As expectant parents we often focus on the pregnancy, the mothers health and getting the nursery ready. One of the most important things you can do, in preparation for the arrival of your baby is to develop some parenting skills and ideas on how you would like to bring up your child. This 24-hour infant management programme will go along way toward equipping you in the first few months of your child’s life. The knowledge gained will give you confidence and a sense of direction as you study the topics and implement the strategies suggested.

Session 1—Prep 1
Your Baby Needs A Family

Session 2-Prep 2 & 3
Feeding Philosophies
Facts on Feeding

Session 3—Prep 4
Establishing Your Baby’s Routine

Session 4—Prep 5
Wake-time and Naps

Session 5
Shopping Trip

Parenting Young Infants (0 to 5 months) will be conducted in both English and Chinese.