Parenting the Toddler (18 to 36 months)

Parenting The Toddler series focuses on a brief but significant window of growth, a vibrant period of your childs life, from eighteen to thirty six months of age. This eighteen month period is an amazing, spontaneous, engaging yet challenging time for the emergent child and his parents. That is because toddlers have their own peculiar way. They begin speaking full sentences and throwing full tantrums, deep hilarious laughing and a lack of impulse control. They can provide the best fun and the worst behavior. They can also make you feel like the best Mom one minute and the worst, the next. Learning how to manage your toddlers day, while encourage learning and discouraging behavior in need of future correction is a primary goal of Parenting The Toddler series.


Session 1
Biblical Foundation of a Family/家庭的圣经基础
Principals to Live By/活出的原则
The Journey of Fatherhood/为人父的过程
The Journey of Motherhood/为人母的过程

Session 2
Structured Activities/架构化的活动
Writing Out Your Routine/写出你的作息
Nap Transition/午睡过渡期

Session 3
Meal Time/用餐时间
Potty Training/如厕训练

Session 4
Principles of Instructions/指示原则
4 Considerations of Corrections/更正4大参数
Behaviours to be Corrected/行为纠正


Parenting the Toddler (18 to 36 months)/新手爸妈的喜悦--教养学步儿 (18-36个月) will be conducted in both English and Chinese.