GKGW Module 3

MODULE 3 Discipline

Session 9: Principles of Obedience

When you give your child a command, do they respond with “yes Mum or yes Dad”? First time obedience is achievable. What is it like in your family?

Session 10: Discipline with Encouragement

Encouragement is a very important part of discipline. You will learn the difference between a reward and a bribe.

Session 11: Discipline with Correction

Learn the difference between “childishness” and “foolishness”. Also, under-punishing sets too low a value on the sin but over-punishing exasperates the child.

Session 12: Consequences and Punishment

Many parents fall into the cultural use of spanking instead of the biblical application. A child is robbed of dignity when parents use intimidation, threats, yelling, and other unbiblical forms of correction rather than biblical chastisement.

Session 13: Repentance, Forgiveness, and Restoration.

Unfortunately, people often confuse regret with repentance. You cannot repent without regret, but you can regret without repentance.

Session 14: Discipline Issues (Part One)

We can allow our children too many choices that are not age appropriate. The result is that a child becomes “wise in their own eyes”.

Session 15: Discipline Issues (Part two)

We look at whining, lying, cheating, stealing, temper tantrums, micro-vs-macro rebellion, power struggles etc.

Session 16: The Appeal Process

Col 3:21 says ‘Fathers, do not exasperate your children.’ This lesson shows you how you can fulfil this scriptural injunction.

Session 17: Building a Healthy Family

What will your family identity be in another three, five, or ten years? Have you cultivated a team spirit in your home? Have you instilled a God-honoring value system into your children’s lives? Who else is raising our children? Family structures promote or hinder healthy parent-child relationships, as well as sibling-sibling relationships.

Pre-requisite for this Course: Must have completed Growing Kids God’s Way Module 1 & 2