Helping Your Child to Overcome Fear of the Dark

Helping Your Child to Overcome Fear of the Dark

Psalm 139:11-12

11 If I say, “Surely the darkness shall cover me,

and the light about me be night,”

12 even the darkness is not dark to you;

the night is bright as the day,

for darkness is as light with you.

1)  Have a bed time routine

  • Calm down before bed
  • Have a warm shower
  • Pray for 10-5 mins
  • Drink milk or chamomile tea [soothing hot drinks]
  • Avoid watching movies that make you anxious like news, last-minute homework, serious conversations
  • Switch on soothing praise songs to cancel out night sound and to fill child’s mind with praises. Praise is a weapon.
  • Burn incense that are soothing and nice
  • Avoid a heavy meal just before bed

2)  Leave night lights on—whole night. In the room and along the path to toilet and to parents’ room

3) Talk about the fears [during day time] and train them to commit each fear to the Lord. This can be done repeatedly, meaning each time they are afraid, they pray and tell God about what is it that they are afraid of and ask God to come in.

4)  Play imaginary games of angels. Describe the angels—6 feet tall, handsome and bright. Very strong and has huge beautiful wings. They carry great swords and there are 4 of them—one at each corner of child’s bed.  And when child walks, these four angels walk with child; one in front, one behind, one to left and one to right

5) Make room inviting.

Remove anything that might look scary. Example toys with big eyes look fine in the day but can become scary at night.

6) Pray through child’s room with child. Walk through the room and pray over every item in the room, both you and your child place your hands on the item/furniture and dedicate them to the Lord. Put oil on everything as you pray, to anoint the items so that the entire room is being transformed into a sanctuary.

You can do the same for the whole house too.

Below is a link to Stormie Omartian’s “Power of Praying Parent—Chapter 18 Praying Through A Child’s Room”

7)  Give incentives to child for sleeping in own bed and room.

This is a skill so it is ok to give an incentive; a reward. For every night that the child is able to sleep in his own bed and room, he gets a point. Once he accumulates to a certain point, he gets a reward.

8) Read books about how God created day and night [darkness]. Talk about why we need night time.

9) Train our children the pattern of turning to the Lord when afraid.  Teach them to look to the Lord in prayer, telling the Lord everything; why they are afraid.

10) Train our children to make declarations of faith—even though I am afraid, my God is big and strong. He has over come, He is all powerful.  Lord send your angels here! Now!  For my God is powerful and mighty.  He loves me and He protects me and He sends His angels to watch and guard over me.  When my Jesus is here, everything that is not of the Lord has to leave.  God has placed one angel on this side of my bed and another angel on this side of the bed and another one at the foot of the bed and another one at the head of the bed and many many more angels surround my room and my house…

Print above out if needed so that child can just read off it out loud.